The Vaccine Alternative

photoBefore the birth of my daughter I started researching reading stories and watching movies such as The Greater Good. In doing that I have also been reading more about the ingredients contained in conventional vaccines, I’ve became very hesitant to have my daughter follow the vaccination schedule. In all my reasearch I have not come across a good enough reason to risk my daughter’s health. You can not go back on a vaccine. I am thrilled to say that there is an alternative through homeopathic immunizations. This is the route we have taken with our daughter Lillie. This post is not to sway you in either direction but to bring an awareness or alternative to protecting your childs health if you are looking.

Here is my brief list of reasons for hesitating to go with conventional vaccinations:

Too Much Too Soon: 

I truly feel that there is too much going on already in a baby’s body and your child needs to build up a natural immunity. I truly believed she should be allowed to develop without interference. There is too much brain development between birth and age five. I feel like the current vaccination schedule is overkill. There is a rise in children suffering from autism, epilepsy and a list of other brain disorders. No one knows why? I highly doubt that. I truly believe we need to let these small bodies be before we pollute them with heavy metals in traditional vaccines. It’s not the vaccine itself that causes these brain disorders but the other ingredients in them.

Not Enough Research:

I’m very concerned with their not being enough research on the long-term effects of vaccines. Some vaccines have only undergone very limited study to get them into production sooner. There are just too many vaccines with too many ingredients and not enough responsibility taken for any adverse reactions.

My Child Is Not A Lab Rat:

I am not willing to take part in the largest uncontrolled experiment in human history. I will not allow my child to be a lab rat. We are at very low risk of contracting any serious illnesses and even less likely to have one of these diseases become serious.

Delaying Is More Natural:

Waiting to vaccinate your child is the most natural way to go. My doctor explained that our daughter was not at risk if we choose not to vaccinate her and what the consequences were if we went this route or delayed her. She concluded that our daughter was low risk. In all my reasearch I have not come across a good enough reason to risk my daughter’s health. I will get some vaccinations, but if highly suggest you do your research on what ones are important then you can pick and choose the right ones for your child, I think they should be split up as much as possible and as late as possible to allow a more normal immune response.


Research both sides as much as you can, and avoid taking the word of those around you including my own. I truly think health Canada has parents scared to death if you choose to delay or not vaccinate your child. Remember you can’t undo a vaccine, so make sure you are comfortable in the steps you take. I recommend you do a lot of reading. There are too many risks not to at least know what you are truly signing up for.

Again this is my personal decision and I respect whatever route you want to go, I thought I would share my research and bring awareness to other moms that there is an alternative and you do have options. This post is not to try and sway you in either direction but to show you that there are two sides and that we have options when it comes to protecting our young ones.

If you have vaccinated or know someone who is suffering from a side effect please report it. Here is the Canadian form for reporting adverse reactions. 

Homeopathic Immunization

Here is some great information from Sonya McLeod on Homeopathic Immunizations In Vancouver BC, Canada:

What Are Homeopathic Immunizations?

Homeopathic Immunizations are usually made from disease material, also known as a nosode. The disease material is then prepared in a homeopathic manner in order to render it completely safe and non-toxic.

How are Homeopathic Immunizations Administered?

Homeopathic Immunizations are administered by mouth and come in sugar pellet form. The pellets are the size of poppy seeds. Due to their pleasant taste and small size, they are easy to administer. They will dissolve easily in an infant’s mouth without danger of choking.

How do Homeopathic Immunizations Work?

The concept behind homeopathic immunizations is similar to the concept behind regular vaccinations. With regular vaccinations, a small amount of the disease matter is administered by injection. The dose of the injected disease matter is mild enough to avoid actual infection, but strong enough to produce antibodies so that if the body comes across the disease later in life, the immune system is equipped to fight it off.

With a homeopathic immunization, after it is administered, this very minute dose of homeopathically prepared disease material is recognized by the body so that when the person comes across the disease later in life, the body is equipped to fight it off.

Where you can get homeopathic vaccinations

Sonya McLeod, BA, DCH, RCSHom Little Mountain Homeopathy 351 E. 39th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5W 1K3 604-677-7742 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm By appointment only.


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